October 3rd, 2010


ripper 76

Video clip for "Through the night" by Graeme Shepherd aka Grum. Its a loltastic homage to 70s buddy cop movies/TV shows with SLASH out the wazoo. Good dance track too.

In the "you learn something every day basket" I posted on @SuperWiki yesterday that i thought the SPN episode this week was a ripper! Cue many WTF replies - apparently "ripper" is not a word used in America? Seriously its amazing you manage to communicate at all. You need more words!

"Ripper" also has an added cultural significance for anyone really old like me coz in the 70s the most popular charttopping compilation album was called Ripper and each year featured a girls bum in a different style of shorts. With the track listing on her bum cheek. Any wonder I have such a kink for girl's arses?!



So tonight was my Melbourne Fringe festival event Fan Tales - and it was a little ripper!

Big thanks to Hares and Hyenas Queer bookshop for providing all the gorgeous venue, PA and nibblies and booze and lovely staff (esp C and R who were recovering from a rather big night).

We had six wonderful authors covering a suitably eclectic range of fandoms: Supernatural (Wincest and Gen), Torchwood, Ace Attorney (who I found out has the biggest kink meme in the universe!), Red Dwarf, Blakes 7 and a cracktastic Twilight/Iron Man xover. Each writer got to give an intro to their fandom, and some context for the stories. The readings ranged for crack to classic h/c and pornish angst. I think all the readers really enjoyed their performances, and seemed keen to do more.

There was a great vibe from an audience of about 35-40 people which was a mix of fannish types and muggles. I was interested to see how stories were received given many people weren't familiar with the source texts, but the response was great and went to show that good writing, read well will touch an audience.

For me, well I just adore seeing women being so openly passionate about what they love, and getting that recognition that being a fangirl is magnificent!

Great event; would organise again.