October 5th, 2010


john winchester is more awesome than you

I am very relieved that after five years, fandom has not given up on it's desire to enumerate the SIX MILLIONTY ways that... JOHN WINCHESTER WAS A CRAPPY DAD.

There seemed to be a common belief that Dean knows all about parenting and looking after kids from growing up looking after Sammy because JOHN WINCHESTER WAS ALWAYS DRUNK OR OFF SCREWING NURSES. (for further thoughts on that pls see my meta: John Wicnhester: Deadbeat dad and man whore)

Now we know Dean was left to look with nothing more than a can of spagettios and a sawn-off after Sam as they grew up. He was obviously to some extent a parental figure for Sam. But do you really think a six year old Dean was changing Sam's nappy on a regular basis?

I am sure it probably happened once or twice, and lets not examine in too much detail how THAT influenced their relationship - lets keep some things for the kink meme - but the idea that Dean from age 4 to say 7 was regularly on diaper duty, and also buying baby supplies? Not so much.

But please share your fanon with me - just how much Sammy raising did little Papa Dean do?

barren baby hating spinster lesbians to the left

Apparently Misha Collins has reproduced! I seriously doubt whether fandom's collective ovaries can take much more of this. misha tweeted this:

Apparently the kids name is West Anaximander Collins but knowing Misha that is as likely to be serious as it is a joke. Anaximander was a Greek philospher which strikes me as a tad pretentious but what do I know My dog is called Jack.

i fully expected him to have the kid taking questions at Chicon.