October 6th, 2010


happy holidays

Second last day of work before my holidays. Things are reasonably under control. I just need to wheel in the shredder bin in my traditional "hey if its not filed now it never will be" pre-holiday purge. Dog goes off to his country club resort tomorrow and I think I have enough clean clothes to fill my suitcase, so pretty much ready to go!

I have 4 days in NYC staying in Brookyln with tenaciousmetoo. Plan on wandering and eating and relaxing. Off to Gotham Girls roller derby on Sat night, which is exciting esp as one of my friends at work plays for the local league in the Toxic Avengers, so I'll be interested to see how similar or different the NYC game is.

Get to Chicago on Wednesday for Wincon preparations ie mixing cocktails and practicising squee. tjournal has purchased shark fin shaped ice cubes, so we are pretty set. Hope I'll get to see something of Chicago on Wed arvo or Thursday morning before the fangirl hordes descend, because four days is barely enough time to spend with old friends and new. Am very happy with my WinProm outfit that is best described as Superhero Drag.

After Wincon, rivers_bend and I are driving from Chicago to San Francisco in five days, Winchester style - ie no plans, hit the road, stop at appropriately quirky motels. Soundtrack likely to be more Adam Lambert than Led Zeppelin.

So a pretty amazing couple of weeks coming up. Expecting I'll need a lie down when I get home :D

Real Person Fact

From this week's entry in the "didn't I read that in J2 fic" section of real life:

Jensen and Jared to appear at a Creation Con in Nashville. To be held at the Gaylord Opryland Resort *looks at obvious joke, backs away from it* I look forward to the photo opps on the mechanical bull.

Of course when it comes to Supernatural Cons in Nashville, lets remember that wincon was there first - in 2006!