October 7th, 2010

alien lesbian

little baby cheeses

* Countdown to holiday! This time tomorrow I'll be in the air over the Pacific about to crash onto a deserted island with polar bears

* Oh Glee. Chris's "I want to hold your hand was amazing", the whole "atheists are bitter people who just haven't found the right God yet" not so much. Then again i come from a country that just elected an openly atheist Prime Minister and that attracted almost no comments. The fact that she's a red head? Hugely controversial!

* I've joined a new group called "Aquaporko" - a fatties synchronised swimming group! I won't get to go along til after my holiday but I can't wait. It's based on a Sydney group by the same name, which was specifically for femmes. Luckily the Melbourne group is also open to water baby butches like me. I adore the water whether its mucking around in the local pool, snorkelling, or swimming in the open ocean.

* Chicago Con this weekend which should be huge. Will Misha just spend his whole panel talking about baby poo? I do think the Jared and Misha breakfast session should be hilarious chaotic gold! As i won't be online much over the weekend, it would be great if any of you want to help out with posting links to the Super Wiki Chicon page

* I get overexcited if I think too much about wincon

* See you Stateside.

Letting the days go by

Letting the days go by

Indulgent author's note:
This story is a short "Exile on Main Street" coda. It had two inspirations. One was the Talking Heads' song Once In A Lifetime which this episode evoked for me, and from whence the title of the story comes.

Letting the days go by, let the water hold me down

The second was the very final images of the episode. Dean is caught like a piece of flotsam with the waves of two lives washing over him.

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