October 9th, 2010


my body clock says its 5am tomorrow

Hail Citizens of America! I am in ur country. Again. At airport realised my entry visa from July was still valid. I just can't quit you. Slept quite well on the plane which was one of the new double decker skybuses. Third time in a row have had lots of turbulence over Pacific - I swear its that damn island.

Killing a few hours before NYC flight in American Airlines club lounge - delicious to be able to have a shower and download Project Runway. Life is good.

Supernatural Animation preview: Love the look of this! Can't wait for all the monsters. Sera Gamble promised there would be tentacles so i am excite.

Jared and Jensen interview for Amazon Japan: Pretty boys are very pretty. LOL at Jensen still going on about how poor Dean was just a bystander to the whole mytharc for the first four seasons. And I thought fangirls were bad. Also wait til the end where Jared gives this eloquent summation of the core idea behind season 6 - and then breaks up giggling and muttering to jensen about the bullshit he just spun!