October 12th, 2010

boys and car


Speedy update before Wincon madness descends. Have been staying in Brooklyn with tenaciousmetoo and hubby who are the Best of Hosts in a great neighborhood. Some highlights:

* Texas BBQ with antheia, fourfreedoms, itsthedetails, regala_electra and cathybites which inc mango Patron Margartias. Then off to Gotham Girls Roller Derby for an excellent rough n tumble double header with and excellent jeerleading by cathybites. Also some half time fun when I lead a group of girls to invade the men's toilet!

* Brunch with innie_darling at Tom's Diner. So awesome to meet people I've fangirled for so long.

* Brooklyn museum. Wonderful piece of nostalgia in seeing Judy Chicago's Dinner party, which I saw in Melbourne in the early 1980s and which had a huge influence on me as a young feminist. Also a great exhibition by Fred Tomaselli which I really liked.

* Bookshop wandering to the Strand and Forbidden Plant and people watching in Union Square.

* Memorable dinners: Peruvian inc a great ceviche plate and greta piscou sours at Coco Roso; Clams and octopus and a low country boil (Shrimp, Yukons, Corn and Andouille in a Crab Boil) which was a new and yummy culinary experience at Mary's Fish Camp

Also plenty of relaxing and reading and experiencing huge hailstorm. Tomorrow to Chicago for the gathering of the tribes at Wincon.