October 30th, 2010

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once i rose above the noise and illusion

Wincon. I loved it this much:

I know this report is a couple of week’s late, and I am mainly doing it for my own record.
It’s so hard to textually render Wincon; it’s a 3D full body immersion experience. I am not one for sentimentality, but seriously the joy, geekiness, and girlness of it all makes me happy in indescribable ways.

Wincon is a wrinkle in time and space where all the things that society tries to make us feel bad about are celebrated or at the very least not as hard for a time. What was wonderful was how many con goers had hotel staff and random guests commenting all weekend how much fun we were all having.

Thanks to coiledsoul and ethrosdemon and the Con comm for all your amazing, tireless work behind the scenes.

As was said more than once – if we could harness our brains, creativity and passion we could take over the world - but who’s got time for that when there’s porn to be read and written?

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Thank you to everyone who made me feel welcome and loved and looked after. As usual there were people I didn't get to see, or spend much time with (I remember only seeing dea_liberty on the dance floor!). Obviously Wincon needs to go for a month.

Finally a shoutout to 3 fangirls who were planning to come but couldn’t make it, I missed you terribly - gekizetsu, elanurel and sparkymonster. Next year m’dears!