October 31st, 2010

jdm flipper otp

fatty boombah

Just home from my first AquaPorko meet AND I'M EXHAUSTED.

AquaPorko is a queer fatty girl synchronized swimming group! It's based on a similar Sydney group although that one is specifically for femmes. Luckily the Melbourne group has a broader membership so this little butch duck could join.

Anyway we learned some of the basic techniques. Or I should say I attempted them! I suddenly have respect for synchronised swimmers. We talked about doing a synchronised zombie routine to Thriller which would be awesome.

this is a basic move - try i dare you!

I am going to be SO sore tomorrow, and right now I am exhausted in a good way. Luckily we retired to the Empire Cafe where I had a peanut butter cupcake and a latte to energise me for the trip home.

We had our session at the Brunswick Baths, which I haven't been to for years. I lived there in the late 80s, and was involved in a long campaign to get a weekly women's only swim session there - for all women, but specifically to cater for Muslim women who otherwise would be unable to attend the pool. I remember going to local Council sessions and hearing so much bullshit about how this would oppress men. It was nice to see 20 years later those sessions are still going.