November 3rd, 2010

sick habit

i'll settle for a centrefold instead...

Of all the behind the scenes pics I think i wuv Jensen in fluffy robe and slipeprs on minibike the best. I like to think he does this at home and Jared Danneel sets up all sorts of obstacles and traps for him. In fact I think we need a comment fic meme for each of the photos!

In other news yesterday was the last day of voting for a competition to get your Show on the cover of TV Guide. It was basically down to Chuck or Superantural in the end. Winner announced on dec 6th, for an issue to be out on Dec 13th.

Given that Chuck has an average 3 million more viewers than SPN (5.4 cf 2.4 mill) to even come close shows our fandoms crazy dedication to pressing a small button in promise of a reward.

There was a lovely sense of our global fandom on twitter esp in the last couple of hours of the comp. Via @SuperWiki I found out there were people from everywhere from Latvia to Malaysia, and Russia to India voting for Supernatural. Twitter does provide such a great way to make contact with fans I would normally never meet and it was kinda awesome.
deep fried crack


So i was rewatching this week's episode and it struck me that Jess and Lisa basically went through exactly the same thing (minus the burning on the ceiling...) If only they'd had some good advice from a pithy comic, possibly something like this ...