November 5th, 2010


mirrors on the ceiling

So i was reading back over my thoughts on the opening SPN titles this season and certainly the themes i talked about there are certainly palying out. None more so than mirrors and "Reflections. One life in another, family in different forms, and of course always there’s Sam and Dean reflected in each other".

I mean these boys are a whole damn hall of mirrors reflecting back on each of the into infintity.
Sam has been ‘mirroring’ Dean since he got back – picking up on his cues so he can provide a facsimile of how he thinks Dean wants Sam to respond. Even done tor epeating phrases You’ve got my back Sammy? Asks Dean one day. “I’ve got your back dean” parrots Sam the next. (pause here for huge kudos to Jared for his acting chops here – to combine lack of emotion with still being recognisably Sammy, and not doing some roboSammy impersonation).

Then we have Dean who gets to see himelf reflected back from bobby , lisa and Sam. What fascianted me most was how Dean, bereft after Lisa's rejection, turns to Sam and finds Sam is (seemingly) not a monster but Sam. And then Dean takes this and sees himself a palce for himself in it (someone not suited for family, unfeeling, a kilelr) and shifts his own self image until eventually he gets to a place where he and Sam are the same again.

Dean can bear anything as long as Sam is in him with it. For both of them, there most depserate moments are when they are at odds.

And that final brutal scene? So much anger, and grief, self-hatred and fear and ... love. It took me back to the scene with the Imapla at the end of Everybody Loves a Clown. And again i love that the show sometimes is happy to present us with something hard and complex and let us take from it what we will.