November 8th, 2010

thinky shit

Super noir

My flist has exploded with fantastic meta this season full of delicious thinky goodness. This week more so, as the episode answered some questions and then cracked open a whole Pandora’s box of new ones.

The bottom line for me in interpreting what we’ve seen so far, and pondering some of the answers are the themes the Show set up at the beginning of the season.
The motifs of reflections, shifted perspectives and hidden truths in the opening credits are playing out. We are seeing different conceptions of family reflected, people seen from different and new perspectives – Dean as family man, the Campbell's disparaging Dean as a hunter, Sam seeing Dean in a different way. Sam himself is almost a mirror image of the man we’ve known. Sam and Dean of course are like two mirrors reflecting back into each other ad infinitum.

And I think my weird thought’s on Plato’s Cave may play out in relation to the supernatural creatures.

These themes intersect well with the noir flavour we were told to expect this season, which was certainly set up from the Season premiere.

There have always been noirish elements in Supernatural, from its cinematography to its acknowledgment that right and wrong are so often relative and shifting concepts. This has increased in spades this seasons with all characters seemingly having shifting allegiances and hidden agendas.

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And so you can enjoy it too – here’s a download of The Third Man

Umm. This was going to be a post about what the fuck I thought was going on after 'Family Matters but I got carried away, so I’ll spare you and share my thoughts on yaoi on that in another post.