November 13th, 2010


cheers m'dear

Sleepy Saturday morning. I have mel_b_angel for the weekend. It is persistently pissing down and we are waiting for a break in it so we can go out for noms.

Had a very gorgeous evening last night. We started at Madame Brussels in the city. We decided against sitting outside due to rain potenitality (although i love the rooftop garden) so we were inside:

We had a delish cheese plate and two jugs of cocktails - a Spring Serenade and one of Pimms!

The it was off to Hares and Hyenas for the launch of an art exhibition and the mini Leather Pride Festival. There was champagne and angelPorn!

Plus I ran into L who i haven't seen for 10 years. He's a THIRTY year survivor with HIV and he was looking wonderful.

Then it was off to the Vietnamese place over the road for dinner and finally we went to a new bar called Naked For Satan. It has the amazing steampunkish copperstill thingie interior plus walls covered in vintage porn. They make their own vodka infusions like cherry and chilli and even violet!

And then because we are fangirls after all we came home and had a nice cup of tea and watch ed this week's Burn Notice.

Ohh - its stopped raining. Brunch now then SUPERNATURALS....