November 15th, 2010


Werewolves turning on the full moon -- so '09.

I have about a gazillion things to say about this week's epsiode but due to a weekend of fun tiems with mel_b_angel that must wait. Needles to say an excellent time of drinkies and food and watching bromantic shows (Oh Caprica - you bring the Adamacestiest ep just before you are cancelled!) and seeing RED, was had.

Anyway to tide you over you can read the Supernatural Wiki entry on All Dogs Go To Heaven which incldues many excellent quotes, obscure trivia, pop culture references, and links to behind the scenes pics involving kids and doggies!

BTW I am never letting my dog watch SPN again!

your brain on Ben Edlund

Comment from Ben Edlund at Comic Con 2010

I maintain that the entire season is an RV built entirely out of meta stuff, which we live in comfortably. Because these creatures, these poor men, cannot die. The cruel universe that will not let them die. The gods of that universe are Kripke. I’m a lesser – I’m like Hanuman. Then there’s the Cthulu of Warner Bros. ‘More money! Go!’ And then there’s these two fictional guys going, ‘Please let us die! Stop it!’ That’s TV. TV will not let people die.

got my eye on you

I've picspammed before about the brilliant direction of Philip Sgriccia. We are amazingly lucky to have him as a director and producer on Supernatural. He's another one of the major reasons our show has such a great visual style on its CW micro-budget. Anyway in this episode I noticed a few classic Phil moments.

Phil loves a picnic table:

from All Dogs Go To Heaven

from Good God Y'all

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A full list of Phil's episodes which contains many of the Show's most memorable episodes.