November 22nd, 2010


fight the fairies

Once again the fourth wall on Supernatural proved to be more of a picket fence when the situation Dean faced in the peisode was reenacted on Twitter.

Fans started using #FightTheFairies as a hashtag and not long after the episode had finished airing it had become a worldwide trending topic. Some people in the Twitterverse assumed this was some gay hate thing... and confusion regined as people tried to explain why we wanted to fight Tinkerbell.

Below are a couple of tweets that captured the whole thing perfectly!

you can check out a history of Supernatural fandom on Twitter here.


So in yet another sign of the Apocalypse (I think the first one was Collingwood winning the Grand Final) we're having a locust plague here in Victoria.

There's a really amazing ad on TV made by our Department of Primary Industry which seriously looks like an outtake something from 28 Days inc advice on not driving thru plague storms...if i can find a copy i'll share.

This is a screencap from the government website. They have community locust meetings! You can get SMS updates!

Of course I won't be laughing if they make it into the city.

Hey wait...what's that scratching at the window. Just hang on, brb....