November 23rd, 2010


she saved the world ... alot.

Announcement today that a Buffy reboot movie is to be made casued a ripple in the force. Is it wrong that as a humongous Buffy fan I was not clutching my pearls? Maybe its just that at my age most of my favorite TV shows/movies are up to their third remake/reboot/reimagining. Hell I've lived thru more SDoctors and Star trek franchises than I can count.

This tweet sorta sumemd up how I feel:
@TVMcGee: Is the #Buffy reboot coming to steal the 7 DVD sets on my shelf? No? OK. I can move on.

Although actually i am a bit more excited than that. A movie about a kickarse female vampire slayer? Yes thanks.

Joss Whedon's acerbic response here. Although i note he doesn't mention that his TV show was actually based on a movie. LOL. Irony.

What do you think? Outraged? Appalled? How many of you have never even watched Buffy? I mean it finished airing 7 years ago, so I imagine despite those DVD thinguies, some of you haven't seen it.

I look forward to the clash of NuBuffy vs OldBuffy fandoms when the movie comes out. Let the games begin!
mikshas porno

oh just click!!!

picture posted by Misha. assuming its a spoiler for an upcoming episode. But you never know with him, he might just be playing dressups at home.

warnings: contains hotness and GOREEEEEE!!!!

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