November 24th, 2010

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contractually obligated big old lesbo post


When i was at Comic Con this year, the Glee panel was one of the most popular TV panels. There were heaps of tweens and their parents and when they showed a clip sequence and people cheered during the famous scene where Burt Hummel defends Kurt, I realised the power this show has. Because its reaching into middle America, seducing them with song and dance numbers and then putting out pretty brilliant message.

This weeks ep featured one of my personal heroes - Carol Burnett. A time when women were even more restricted in what was considered acceptable behavior, it was in comedy that I found women who were loud and funny and rude and physical. Carol Burnett, Lily Tomlin and in Australia Noeline Brown were all women who took centre stage and the spotlight for themselves.

While I'm here a couple of links relevant to my interests:

* 'It gets better' vid from staff at Pixar Studios. Watch it. There's a whole lot of wonderful stories from a diverse group of people. And its brilliant to see a company like Pixar 'coming out'.

* Don't be a gay bully - the irrascible Cheeks with my Caprica peeps Sasha Roiz and Alessandra Toressani (and man don't i love that these 3 hang out!) with an amusing PSA about gay bullying.