November 27th, 2010

sesame spn


A rec to make you smile: These are the people in your neighborhood

You all know I have a thing for SPN and Muppets and this Reverse Big Bang entry features gorgeous art by tringic which has Jared, Jensen and Misha invited onto the set of Sesame Street. The one of Kermit interviewing Misha is to die for! And in response to the art evil_knitter has written a desperately adorable fic. It is Jensen/Misha but Jared really steals the show, and it has absolutely brilliant banter and dynamics between all 3 boys.

Richard Dawkins reads you his hate emails. LOLtastic.

Finally please know you are all sacked for not pimping Lost Girl to me. For future reference TV shows starring a BISEXUAL FREAKING SUCCUBUS is relevant to my interests. Obviously I am being too subtle in the journal.

vote 1 zombies

So just voted in our State election. In the great Aussie tradition there was a sausage sizzle and cake stall at the local primary school where I voted so my democractic duty and lunch satisfied all in one hit!

ETA: LOL -t here is a website that shows which polling booths have sausage sizzles and cake stalls! And via #vicvotes on twitter news of a school where kids get to vote too - for their favorite book character!

I've actually been thinking quite a bit about this election. In the recent Federal election you may remember we ended up with a hung Parliament , but luckily Labor was able to form government by getting the Green and the Independents to side with them. The Green member Adam Bandt was from my electorate and it was very exciting to vote him in.

Situation at a State level is similar with the major parties neck and neck. My seat is one of 2 which may go to the Greens. Two issues for me - I would hate to unseat a Labor MP for a Green, only to end up with a Liberal (right wing) government. Also, the current MP is Bronwyn Pike, who i personally think is a reasonable politician with good values. She spoke last week at the marriage equality rally even though that is against her party's current policy.

Luckily we have preferential voting, so I voted 1 - Greens and 2 - Labor. In the Senate I voted Greens and the Sex Party ;D. At the end of the day, a stronger Green party is in our interests whoever is in power.

While on voting, this is what is known as a suffragette penny - and a great example of early viral marketing. While campaigning for women to get the vote in the UK, suffragettes stamped 1903 pennies with "Votes for Women" and they then circulated spreading the message. Because pennies were so common, the government couldn't afford to recall them. How cool is that?!