November 28th, 2010


lost girl pimp post

Imagine a version of Supernatural where the lead characters are hot sassy women who live together and fight supernatural beings. There's lots of sex both straight and gay, fashion stretches beyond plaid, and people actually get to say shit. Well imagine no more - Welcome to Lost Girl.

In Lost Girl supernatural creatures known collectively as Fae live amongst humans. Bo has only just discovered she is one of them as she was given by her mother to humans to raise. Cue mytharc - find mummy. Bo and Kenzie act as private investigators for humans and Fae and basically hunt down bad monsters.

It's lots of fun, and has great heart. There's lovely friendships between all the characters. The tension comes from Bo's relationships with both Dyson and Lauren, each of whom has secrets related to their role in Fae politics.

You'll probably like this if you like: Supernatural, Warehouse 13, True Blood or Sanctuary. And boobs.

Top ten things about Lost Girl

1. Bo's boobs
2. Bo and Kenzie's BFFness. Its so rare to see such a gorgeous friendship between two women that is silly and affectionate and just generally delightful. They live together, drink together, and fight monsters together! Here's a picspam of their awesomeness
3. Bo is a bisexual succubus which means there's lots of queer sex. Skip to episode four if you want to see the threesome. The sexy is pretty sexy and its so refreshing to watch something where sex and sexuality are just not a big deal.
4. Kenzie has the best one liners like "So many opportunities, only one vag", "I got to see his werewolf junk!" and "Holy Shitballs"
5. The fashion sense is sort of urban chic noir. Dyson wears these most awesome waistcoats, Kenzie's otufits are Harajuku girl meets cyberpunk and totally adorable. Bo's usually in leather pants and a black top which displays her awesome cleavage to advantage.
6. The worldbuilding is well done. They've kept it simple and nto tried to overexplain things.
7. The MOTW stories are really imaginative and inventive. There's some cheesy looking monsters but they sell them well.
8. Relationship angst. In this show the sexual tension gets resolved pretty quickly, so the tension is over how relationships will develop, especially when there are hidden agendas and conflicted loyalties.
9. Bo's Boobs.
10. Heaps of fandom potential given the range of canon pairings, yet the central relationship is not a sexual one (canonically!) so lots of room for Gen too.

Here's a primer for the show with pretty pics by sabrina_il

Season one is up to episode 11 of 13, and it has been renewed for a second Season.

Download comm with all eps here