December 5th, 2010


Directors insights

There’s another great interview up at Winchester Radio (you can listen there or download it) this time with Jan Eliasberg who directed "You can’t handle the truth"

Highly recommend it - Jan is wonderfully articulate and thoughtful with lots of anecdotes.
Loved hearing about the whole directing process from prep to choosing the design for Veritas’ house, and shooting various scenes. Jan loves the gore and apparently the original scene she shot for the dentists scene got cut back on a direction from the network for being too gorey!

She also talks about how it is still difficult for female directors in Hollywood - Jan has a history in TV going back to Miami Vice and 21 Jump Street. She is only the second female director on Superantural – a point she says she made to Bob Singer. There’s also a really sweet anecdote about her first (accidental) meeting with Sera Gamble.

She talks a lot about working with Jared and Jensen and has huge praise for both of them. She talks about discussing directing with Jensen and also about his knowledge of the filmmaking side of making the show. She says he reminds her of George Clooney who she worked with back in 93/94 on a TV show called Sisters due to his combination of masculinity and emotional vulnerability – “with Jensen its all in the eyes”, and that they both have great comedic timing.

My fav anecdote though is about a contribution she made to the show. In the scene between Cas and Dean, it was Jan who suggested that Castiel should pour Dean a drink. She reasoned that throughout the episode, dean is struggling to deal with his feelings about Sam and that he’s trying to repress them, and push them down with the help of alcohol. Jan felt that Cas, knowing Dean so well would know exactly what Dean was doing, and by having him give Dean a drink was a way of subtly indicated Cas’ empathy.

Anyway – go listen!