December 6th, 2010


Madam i’m Adam

I’ve noticed over the last few eps a number of people concerned that with all the talk of Sam in the cage with Lucifer and Michael, no mention is made of Adam.

Adam – as you will remember was killed by ghouls, brought back to life by Zachariah in a bait and switch con with Dean, and then reappeared as Michael’s vessel, before doing a double pike with a half twist into the cage with Samifer.

Now in Swan Song, Dean says “Adam, if you're in there somewhere, I am so sorry.” and Michael says: “Adam isn't home right now. “

Now, I think the writers’ intent was for us to take that to mean that Adam’s soul was not present, hence it didn’t end up with the cage. Likewise with Jimmy – after Castiel is exploded by Rapahel in Lucifer Rising, I think the intent was that the vessel was restored, but Jimmy is off in heaven.

Now of course I suppose this season has brought up the issue of the soul/body separation.

Sam is obviously still sentient (and hot) and feels physical sensations without his soul. Likewise, we know Castiel’s physical form retains something of its “Jimmy-ness” – eg the hunger for burgers in My Bloody Valentine and of course his recent tumescence.

So now we start to get into the metaphysics of what defines Self, and also the concept of the soul. We know souls are self aware from Dean’s time in hell, so presumably Sam’s soul is suffering terribly. This of course is the conundrum Dean and Sam (and us) are facing: surely Sam’s soul needs to be rescued from hell, yet what if returning it to RoboSam destroys him? If Sam’s soul is damaged beyond reckoning, what is too be gained by saving it? Seriously, and I have a meltdown trying to decide what to wear to work today.

So back to Adam – I suppose conceivably his physical form (roboAdam if you will) could be what is in the pit, and it like roboSam could be sentient. I just don't think that was the intent.

Just a note – I think SPN writers have set some basic rules around souls and vessels/possessed hosts etc, but they are not hard and fast. eg in the S5 companion there’s a discussion of why they felt they couldn’t bring Nicki Aycox back as Meg, yet they brought Anna back in her same body with a simple “I called in a favour”.

And where do vessels which seem to be flesh and blood go when their occupant returns to incorporeal form. When Cas is off being a multidimensional waveform, is his body just hanging in his heavenly closet? Bottom line dear reader – don’t sweat the small stuff. But it does make writing definitive Wiki entries a nightmare.

Supernatural PSA

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