December 10th, 2010


sitting round watching pornos with angels

Belatedly some thoughts on Dean and Cas character arcs, and their relationship in Caged Heat.

Dean’s arc was I felt about his increasing desperation to get his Sam back. There were a couple of nice touches I thought, to really bring home how far Dean is going in this quest. The scene where we see him delivering a monster to Crowley’s hoons is the antithesis of Dean the hunter. Then later we see the Djinn who attacked him, and killed his neighbors – a reminder of the family life Dean almost had.

We’re also reminded of the hard lessons Dean’s learned in his confrontation with Samuel. Dean knows that no matter how unbearable the grief, deals with demons are no bargain at all. That Sam would not, did not, want Dean to do the things he is doing to save him. Looking at Samuel should be looking in the mirror for Dean, but he just can’t see it.

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Keep talking dirty - it makes my meat suit all dewy

* HAPPY SPN DAY! Last episode before Hellatus, and I am quivering with anticipation. I have a feeling we may need a group hug after this.

* A Jensen interview and SPN will feature on MTV's "10 on Top" this Saturday at 11.30am. MTV really? we are hitting the big time! Pls to be DVRing and sharing with fandom

Oh seriously! I love the guy in the background who looks like he's getting high on their epic gay love.

Behind the scenes pics from Family Matters via director Guy Bee. Lots of clowning around inc Mitch and Mark S as well as the Js,and a great sketch from the episode storyboard.

* I did rec list here of non AU RPF stories about poly relationships.I'd love you to add anymore you love.