December 13th, 2010


an entry so boring i can't think of a heading

* Following my rec of nonAU RPF poly fics, I've done a rec list of trueform Cas aka thingstiel fics at spn_themes. Check 'em out and please share any of your favs.

* SuperWiki entry for Appointment in Samarra is up.

* I hope y'all got your shiny TV Guides! I've done a post about it here, including a hark back to how TV Guide led to the first collective SPN fandom effort to promote/save the show back in 2007.

* Looking forward to running some competitions and giving away some goodies thru @SuperWiki over healltus. Please join in!

* My main computer at home is an old desktop i got from work which has less memory than a goldfish. Tossing up whether to get a desktop or a latop as a replacement. I have a netbook, so don't really need portability, and also with a desktop I can get a nice big monitor (although i don't watch TV/movies on my computer, I just liek big and shiny!) Any advice or input on brands much appreciated!