December 16th, 2010


Bo's Boobs

So I am pleased that my Lost Girl pimping post had the desired effect and quite a few of you have discoved the delights of Bo, Kenzie, Dyson and co. If not you have til mid '11 to catch up! Great finale, but I do LOL at how when in Lost Girl serious shit happens and we end up with Boa and Kenzie sharing a beer and a laugh. Now wallowing in angst here :D

What i do wallow in are Anna Silk's boobs. They are displayed to great effect in the show - i may have to put together a video of celavage shots. Until then though here they are in a lingerie shoot Anna did: Tahnks to _hopefulness_ for the hook up! More delicious pics and a video (complete with cheesy soft porn music) of the shoot here

God , just looking at these pics I can almost taste her !

jensen hates you

slippery when wet

Jensen from Days of Our Lives "Eric and Greta kissing and swimming at the blue lagoon"

The English langauge is woefully inadequate to describe the feelings this video induces. It's a bizarre combination of mortified embarassment and lustful voyeuristic pleasure in equal parts.

Am sending this to Sera in the hope we might get dean this shirt, frosted blonde tips, shirtless, wet....