December 17th, 2010


fandom psa

There are reports out that Yahoo is to shut down Delicious. No news on when this may happen.

OH NOES. Delicious has obviously become an important part of fandom architecture from personal rec lists to indexing entries in challenges, and especially for comment meme fics especially kink memes. DAMN YOU YAHOO HANDS OFF MY PORN. Its been particularly useful as fandom has dispersed across the web.

There's projects like the Supernatural Fic Link Archive which tags all the fic from spnnewsletter which is a huge chunk of our fic on LJ, which I use a lot to graph trends in fic writing. DAMN YOU YAHOO HANDS OFF MY GEEKINESS.

Bookmarks on Delicious can be exported so you'll be able to save things, but I wonder if there's another social bookmarking site fandom can use? Our an alternative way of publicly cataloging and sharing links?

ETA: Don't Panic fandom! I wouldbn't be runnign off exporting bookmarks just yet - but here are some links to ways to do so and alos other social bookmarking sites:

* How to backup delicious
* How to export your bookmarks
Five best bookmark management tools from lifehacker
* % alternatives to delicious
* 10 altenratives to delcious

Sites I've seen recs for:
** Diigo - looks good. Am joining to check it out. Has a function to import from Delicious here as well as extensions for your browser for easy tagging.
** Pinboard - has onetime joining fee of $7.27
** Tagfoot
** Your Version - appears to have a tool to import directly from Delicious, but have yet to get it to work.

* Talk of a fannish clone of Delicious at deliciouslymad

* RIP delicious you were so beautiful to me great article particularly bemoaning the loss of the rich metadata in delicious by readwriteweb