December 20th, 2010

sam's pony

will the real Sam Winchester stand up?

Now Sam has his soul back, what i am still wondering is - who is Sam?

If we think of it like this

Original!Sam was split into Sam's soul and Robo!Sam

now Robo!Sam was not just an empty vessel. As I discussed in this meta, Robo!Sam is a person, missing some essential part of what makes him human, but human nonetheless.

My question is does Sam's soul plus Robo!Sam equal Original!Sam ?

This feeds into the rather profound question of what defines Self, or personal identity? In philosphy there is a school of thought that emphasies continuity of memory as a condition for being the same 'self'. there's a good article on these ideas here.

Will re-souling erase Robo!Sam altogether? Will the resultant person be original!Sam with his time in the Cage tucked behind a firewall, but obviously in a body that's lived and eaten and fucked and killed for a year?

Or will the new!Sam be Robo!Sam with the elements that he'd been missing - compassion, empathy etc?

The other option is that new Sam is like Original!Sam but with the memories of Robo!Sam's actions (and feelings?)

Whatever the confirguration the bottom line is whether we can consider new!Sam the same person at all as original!Sam - or more imprtantly, can Dean?

What do you think?