December 24th, 2010


om nom nom

First day of holidays! I have eleven days off - my company, like quite a few has a shut down between Xmas and NY - and am looking forward to slothful relaxing.

After a sleep-in I headed off to the Queen Vic Market which is a humongous open air market which has been around since(it covers about 7 hectares!). Fruit, vegies, meat from every creature, seafood, cheeses, sausages, homemade pasta - its a cornucopia and the reason I don't go more often is that I just want to BUY ALL THE FOODS.

Many families have had stalls there for generations, and I just love the atmosphere - stallholders all have their own unique "cry" as they spruik their wares. Everyone happy for you to taste things to work out which fetta to buy or which fruit are the juiciest. As the day goes on it seems like nearly everything is 'Adollar adollar adollar!" and its so hard to resist buying a box of mangoes or half a lamb at bargain prices!

So I don't "do" Christmas - most years I don't do anything on the day - but this year tomoffinland74 is coming over and we are going to have a seafood feast and Mildura beer and play Xbox. I got some scallops and baby octopus and huge tiger prawns. Tom's making bread and dessert.

Hope whatever you're doing you enjoy it!
ass babies

a very supernatural christmas

I love reading reviews of Supernatural from people totally new to it. This review is from the Minot Daily News which comes out of North Central North Dakota. Source The reviewer Terry J. Aman has been watching the show as it has aired on TNT. (He obviously doesn't know much about TV, given that he seems to think McG actually writes the shows he produces but anyway) He has some nice observations:

So … how is it that “Supernatural” has been so compelling? Well, it would be a mistake to discount the itchy chemistry between Ackles and Padaleski (sic). Siblings are not the go-to relationship choice when building productions. You get more potential for sexual tension between co-workers or actual boyfriend-girlfriend situations. With brothers you mostly get “Mom always liked you best,” but in this case, Sam and Dean go way beyond a Smothers Brothers’ routine.

At first they get a lot of mileage out of the “good son/bad son” dynamic, then Dean sells his soul to save his father and Sam tries to do the same to save Dean. But when Dean dies, Sam turns to an apparent ally in Ruby, a rogue demon, who Dean, on returning from hell, doesn’t trust, and now Dean’s got to deal with Sam’s addiction to demon blood on top of tracking No. 1 demon Lilith in an attempt to stop her breaking the seals of the apocalypse – yes, their problems aren’t like other people’s problems.

The show plays against type. Angels aren’t cute and cuddly. When they rebel they really rebel. One, Castille,(sic) the one who rescued Dean from hell, is rejected by heaven for taking the side of the Winchesters against direct holy orders, and he throws in with them. The rest of them are so completely above what’s going on on earth they can’t even be bothered about the apocalypse.

McG seems to have found the right balance of mythology and attitude in telling this story. His heroes aren’t afraid of a little dirt and get down and dirty on occasion. His do-gooders want to save the world because they enjoy living in it. And they’re not above human frailties, which makes them all the more believable.

I haven't got around to writing any SPN Christmas fic this year - but here's one I baked earlier Written in 2008, I think it still holds true!