December 30th, 2010


Super Wiki Comp

As you all know, Supernatural featured on the front of TV Guide on December 16th following a fiercely fought fan voting competition. In the final days the race was between Supernatural and Chuck - which has more than twice as many viewers.

Support for Supernatural came from fans all around the world, often from countries where the show is not even airing! It was a great testament to the global community that makes up our fandom.

In recognition of the dedication of fans outside North America, the Supernatural Wiki will be giving away 10 copies of the TV Guide on Twitter over Hellatus. We will mail your copy anywhere in the world!

Fans from the US or Canada will not be eligible to win - although you are welcome to play - sorry but this is for the rest of the world! We have more copies which we will giveaway later in the season which will be open to all.

For all the details follow us on @SuperWiki

You can check out the whole story behind the competition, and the cast and crew's reaction to the win here on the Supernatural Wiki

Very special thanks and an extra cookie to way2busymom and clex_monkie89 who went above and beyond in helping us get these copies down to Australia!