December 31st, 2010


My year of fannish things

This was a pretty big fannish year for me and here’s some highlights:

• I went to my first Comic Con with my dear mate coiledsoul. Had a brilliant time, saw just about everything we wanted to and coiledsoul’s con savvy made it enjoyable rather than the ordeal it could be. Nothing better than a homemade egg salad sandwich after standing in a queue for 3 hours!
• Wincon. From being on the Con Com with the most excellent women in the world to boogying at WinProm and the SPN meta panel.! Boobs, booze, bad fic and long discussions about hairless cat!Sam. Life needs to be more like Wincon always.
• Fan Tales – a fanfic event I ran as part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.
• Every moment I spent with fangirls, highlighted by the insane roadtrip with the wonderous rivers_bend from Chicago to LA in 5 days to a Glam Nation soundtrack.
• The Supernatural Wiki. I occasionally sit back and look in awe at what a huge thing the Wiki has become. We doubled our readership this year averaging about quarter of a million hits a month. We have a diverse range of fans that contribute and make it such a rich and quirky resource. It remains remarkably wank free – the most heated argument this year was about whether Lucifer’s Cage was in Hell, or Hell adjacent!
• The @SuperWiki twitter which lets me play with fans from around the world. The TV Guide voting frenzy was a highlight of this.
• Twitter generally for the access it allows to the people who make the things I fangirl.
• Tumblr for all the hilarious pic memes.
• Being part of the final season of LOST. End of an era. The wonderful fannish effort to help Haiti. spn_j2_bigbang. SPN’s 100th episode party. The good the bad and the ugly of fandom. It's never dull ;D
• So much great and/or just damn enjoyable TV: Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy, Sherlock Holmes, Justified, Dr Who, Rubicon, Caprica, Chuck, Hawaii 5-0, Walking Dead, V, LOST, Warehouse 13, Lost Girl, Craig Ferguson, Project Runway, Survivor, Masterchef (Aust of course oh yes and even Junior Masterchef!), Rush, Talking about My Generation, Spicks and Specks, Gruen Transfer, Stonehenge Apocalypse
• Inception. Watching Tom Hardy ruin lives. Plus his special appearance at Wincon.
ETA: Totes forgot I went to that Spn Con in Melb with Jim and Misha et al. Actually the highlight of that weekend was going out dancing with mel_b_angel and sloane_m on the Saturday night!

I put together a list of my fannish creations which was satisfying; I was much more creative than I had thought!

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So hey fandom – have a J2 style fist bump o’ love for a great 2010, and an even better 2011!