April 14th, 2012

thinky shit


So - despite being the SuperWiki maven, I am pretty chilled about canon intricacies. I eman I loved 6 seasons of LOST, so in comparison SPN is a breeze. i mean we don't even have fish biscuits. I am pretty copacetic with serial TV mytharcs begin painted with broad brush stokes. TV is another a book, its organic, and dynamic, and has more loose threads than a fringed poncho. And lots of stuff gets handwaved, because, really if its not central to the tale, then is it worth wasting any of your 43 minutes explaining.

That said, I like my mytharc coherent and reasonably consistent. SPN has two long arc stories - the annual mytharc related to the supernatural, and the one related to Sam and Dean. From my POV as long as the supernatural one serves the character one well I'm happy. And SPN is notable for calling back to earlier events, and to maintaining an emotional continuity rare on TV.

Why am I telling you this? Well you can blame write_light who mentioned something about Ruby, and rather than answer his comment I wrote this! I have tried here to summarise the SPN mytharc. It's not the whole story of SPN obviously - I have just tried to explain the supernatural mytharc over 7 seasons. I got it down to 1700 words!

I have based this all on canon, but I have included my own assumptions and guesstimates. This is certainly not a definitive version - it is very much my POV. Which is where you come in -m what doesn't make sense, what do you disagree with, what questions do you have?

Let me know _ I'd love to hear YOUR interpretation of events.

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