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Check the Super Wiki for Con updates. People tweeting are listed there or check tweets tagged with #ahbl

sloane_m and I've been out drinking cocktails at Manly today, - she's having a nana nap before our night of moar shenanigans and karoake. I however have collected highlights of today's tweets from the Con for your enjoyment.

For the non-Aussies:
Fantales are a chocolate coated caramel. Their wrapper has potted movie star bios, hence the name
Tim Tams are the most awesome chocolate biscuit (aka cookie) in the universe.
Vergemite is a black spread made from the leftovers of beer making (yeast extract) that we eat on toast. If you didn't grow up eating it odds are you'll hate it. We love getting people from OS to eat it and watch their faces!
The Aussie Chant is often heard at international sporting matches and consists of singing "Aussie, Aussie Aussie, Oi, Oi Oi".

Both Jensen adn Jared drew on their shirts and auctioned their shirts for charity Jared's hand drawn for $1200. Jensen's for $4100 - $5300 raised went to Starlight Foundation (which provides support to v. sick kiddies)

Good news is it sounds like a dvd of the con may be available \o/

Tweet Highlights
Misha Q&A
darksilvercat: slash qu, *facepalm*
darksilvercat misha loved episode 18 specially Chuck. Wants to stalk Simpatico rofl
digitalsprawl: q:if you could play a character other than castiel who would it be? a:dean. no hesitation at all. adorable. http://twitpic.com/3hwhu
katysam: Misha wants to stalk a fan. He also wants a pony!
katysam: Castiel has a group of crony ponies protecting him. They are on the show all the time. They are invisible
darksilvercat: the idea for angels came to Kripke in the bathroom...
darksilvercat: Misha's process: he pretends he's an angel. Constantly mocking his lack of fight skills, hee!
darksilvercat: using the long words again Misha. A lot of freedom in how they go about their performance.
darksilvercat: we haven't met God, maybe he jumped off a cloud after creating mankind?
darksilvercat: Have you ever considered standup? Looong pause. I'm considering it now.
katysam: Misha thinks Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana) would make a good Lucifer.
darksilvercat: before leaving Misha throws candy at the audience. Adorable and funny guy. What did you expect? <3
darksilvercat: What should Castiel's theme song be? Misha: "?" *shrug* random audience member: "Macho Man" everyone: LOL

Jared's Panel
katysam: Jared is on stage! He's enjoying playing with his chair and can throw a Fantail further than Misha.
darksilvercat: red bull derby Jared got in the cart ok, getting out not so good.
darksilvercat: which female character would you date? Jared: Dean Winchester. Then changed his answer to striga.
sassyback: haha, jared made the mistake of eating fantales and his teeth got stuck together and he was droolinh. he had to dig it out
digitalsprawl: jared seems to be having a bit of trouble with the fantale lollies... :D http://twitpic.com/3i8p1
darksilvercat: ever had a weird fangirl/boy moment? Are you offering?
darksilvercat: they're to convince Misha to try vegemite. There's timtams in the green room. J: not any more!
katysam: Jared doesn't want Supernatural to get old but if it needs longer than five seasons he would consider doing another season.
darksilvercat: if ruby switches bodies again? Kate winslet
katysam: Jared recently got mistaken for Zac Efron by a dude at Starbucks in SFC, except the dude thought he had too much facial hair!
bobbinrob: Jareds favorite color is green and he loves the band pearl jam.
darksilvercat: colin ford is a fan, jared and he discussed playing Sam
darksilvercat: someone led the aussie chant? Jared enjoyed it. Me being an immigrant here doesn't get it D= but Jared then yelled it back. V cute!

Jensen's panel
darksilvercat: jensen wants the aussie chant too. It's special apparently
darksilvercat: are you and jared good friends outside of set? Hate his guts.
sassyback: jensen forearmed a chick in the throat when she jumped on him at a london con
darksilvercat one thing he's kept since childhood? His dignity. Kirk or Sparrow? Sparrow. That's going on the weirdest questions list
sassyback: the dirt jensen popped out of in lazarus rising was crumbled oreo. it got stuck in his ears
darksilvercat: gated the opening scene of LR but the dirt that fell in the coffin was crushed oreos! He forgot his ear plugs
katysam: Jensen is on stage. Pretty. He just called Jared a savant after seeing the picture Jared drew of them both
darksilvercat: jensen likes when dean n sam are teamed up but when apart they get time off
sassyback: jensen thinks patricia arquette is the hotter psychic.
darksilvercat: prefers being the funny guy hero. Playing the villain can be therapeutic. Not that he has any evil in him. Obviously.
sassyback: surprise padalecki appearance! threw water to jensen
darksilvercat: filming TIH they accidentally shaved his beard too early and had to stick it on hair by hair the next day
bobbinrob: Jensen said Jared is his closest friend, aw! The very he has on has the top few buttons undone and the bottom button.
sassyback: jensen hates caramels due to a tragic filming incident
darksilvercat: wants to fan!ninja his way backstage on Lost purely cause they shoot in hawaii. Also Jareds gas could clear this room.
darksilvercat: jensen gives long explanation about why he grows a beard after wrap. Also the girlfriend likes it.
darksilvercat: when he moved to la was starstruck by bob hope. Bob was cruising through a supermarket singing for no real reason.
katysam: According to Jensen Jared is a slob which is why, "...we don't have nice things". Jared popped head to pout, "I'm not a slob."
sassyback: jensen just used the word "manjuice"
bobbinrobJensen called Jared a slob and said thats why they dont have nice things. Jared poked his head out and called Jensen a slob!
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