I'm for wine and the embrace of questionable women (missyjack) wrote,
I'm for wine and the embrace of questionable women

misha of awesome

from Con more detail later.
Yes Misha Collins is made of awesome. Snarky, smart, reflective and sarcastic without being rude, but just that hint of control that makes you tingly. M\He was sort of etaing on the whole experience at the same time. ethrosdemon I think your Misha chacrterisation is spot on!
Questions generally good and about acting or Castiels character.
Talked about filming Karla and how that messed with his head. Also filming 24 with Dennis Hopper stoned (Dennis not Misha!).
someone asked "who is the better actor Jensen or Jared?" and afetr a bit of joking he said to the guy "youre a dick!" then he added "I'm joking - well mostly."

Autographs just done. mel_b_angel charmed them all! Danneel was sitting behind Jensen, and I asked him if could ask her for an auto, he checked with her and she smiled and said sure, and i went behind the desk, got her auto, said thought Fired Up was hilarious. Admitted I had seen a pirated copy and she said cool and winked at me. OMG I BLUSHED. Then Jared auto and he pointed to her signature and said "who's that" i said Danneel. And then he was all "hey Danneel you stole my spot!"

Jared also said they didn't know about Kripke's crack cartoon of them (which i had them sign) until after it came out.

Sitting in sun before arvo sessions. more later.
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