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Sunday in Sydney

Others will probably have more expansive Con reports but here's some impressions and highlights from Sunday - in no particular order and may vary slightly from fact due to my ageing memory. Must say I have great admiration for J2 + M in being lovely and entertaining esp in the face of being asked the same questions AGAIN or just dumb questions. Overall the questions were pretty good, and the answers were great and my embarassment quick didn't kill me.

*When Jared joined Jensen on stage they joked that they were going to reenact a scene from the finale. Jared says its "Jensen doing a sex scene. With me".
* Misha - with his "Is it weird playing lovers when your lovers in real life?" question to Jared and Jensen. Context - it was announced after the organiser called for one last question for the boys so the audience was noisy wanting more from them. After he asked the question once and then a second time more loudly. Boys laughed, we all laughed and cheered, and I picked myself up off the floor.
* Jared made many jokes about Misha thought he was sexy, and kept saying "dragged me from perdition" in faux Castiel voice.
* Loved Jared and Jensen talking about emotional scenes and how they work (see video). misha talked about filming Karla, and how that character got into him including his dreams, and tapped into seeds of violence deep in himself that disturbed him. Also ended having to get restraining order on mad director.
* Misha was asked a poorly worded question About Ed and Harry versus Sam and Dean and he immediately said "are you talking about slash fic".
* Misha talked about the boys being very welcoming and responsible for setting a great work culture on set
* A collection of reports of Danneel being awesome including my own experience meeting her here
* Asked a question (rather innocuous) about Nip/Tuck, Misha launched into talking about his character sucking himself off, and how in that position his testicles looked like a mountain range. O_o
* Jared saying he'd be up for doing a Gilmore Girls movie.
* A guy asked Jared about his training regime, and Jared started getting all geeky about and then told the guy he'd email it to him!

* Jensen standing up to "adjust" himself, and apologizing for being inappropriate.
* Misha really good at using his power of snark to shut down stooped questions. Good modeling fro the boys and the audience. I get the feeling the boys usually try and be polite and obfuscate. But when Jensen got asked "did you prefer working with Katie Cassidy or Genevieve Cortese?" (FFS) he started to say they were both great and then said it was a stupid thing to ask.
*Misha talking about doing his death scene in "24" with a stoned Dennis Hopper
*Misha wants to do a Wachowski Bros movie so he gets to act along side chicks in tight leather (I approve)
*Off set, Jensen made Jared take a photo with the snake from YF and its on his iPhone.
*both talked about the hardship of working in Vancouver being away from people they love. It really sunk in as Jared talk about losing track of what was happening in friends lives, and Jensen talking about having to miss friends weddings more than once because of work commitments. And this is over five years. Both of them clear they love the job but ye it has a downside.
* Because winter Olympics in Vancouver there was 'hope' they might get to go somewhere warm and film for two weeks. Too expensive and alas and due to no hotel rooms (so no guest stars) and difficulty fiming on loacation, tis likely to be an episode of Sam and Dean in trhe Impala.
* Jensen being a total Dean!girl talking about who he likes Dean finally being integrated into the mythology of the show rather than "just being there as Sam's brother."
* Jensen proving he is smarter than many fans as he gets that Sam is not 'turning evil" but is motivated by the same things Dean is but is going about achieving them in a different way. Okay I'm just stoked he agreed with my recent Sam meta,
*Jensen asking for Ritalin from the audience for Jared (with a number of offers in response, pity not everyone had taken their medication) .
* Jared chomping down Fantales continually, spinning on his chair, and generally behaving like a kid whose hyper and will start getting grizzly any minute.
*Loved Jensen talking about difference between stage and film acting I
*Jensen played Tony in West Side Story at school
* Two surprise Tom Welling mentions!
* No Brock Kelly questions.
* Jensen read out message from Jim Beaver written in Aussie slang.

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