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So my burning questions is - Castiel: top or bottom???

I am fascinated how in most fandoms, characters get pegged (so to speak...) as a top or bottom and then the majority of fic conforms to that. To the extent that some people feel the need to warn for variations - I love seeing warnings for bottom!Jared!.

With Castiel there seems to be a bit more variation. Despite Dean being so firmly entrenched in fic as a bottom, I've seen more than a few fics where he's ploughing that angel arse.

What is it about a character that helps define them as a top or bottom for you? Are you happy for characters to switch, or is it very much part of what defines them for you.

Interestingly I came across this gay blogger's observations from November 2005, which fascinated me given they came from outside of the fandom hive:

So Dean is the super control freak “top”. He has to be driving at all times. I think there was a scene when Sam tried to drive, and Dean just couldn’t handle that. It’s like taking away his balls.

So Sam rides in the passenger seat. He’s the soft spoken bottom boy, always staring out the window in this deep, dreamy state of mind. No idea what the hell he’s thinking about, but I suspect he is wondering where this relationship is going, and if Dean will ever say “I love you”.

(said blogger was later shocked to discover fangirls were actually writing Wincest - LOL)

But back to my initial enquiry: Castiel - top or bottom?
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