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Title: Not an option
Author: missyjack
Chanracter: Dean
Pairing: None
Rating: Gen
Genre: drabble
Disclaimer: Kripke owns everything
Author’s Note: Written for supernatural100 Challenge #27 Failure

Dean sat in the car and waited.
Dean hated waiting; it was the worst part of the job. Hiding in the dark, not being in control of when, or how. Just knowing what you needed to do, what you wanted to do. The tension building. Hoping the weapons you’d armed yourself with would get the job done. Going over the plan in your head, examining the contingencies, checking your escape plan. Know your opponent; that’s what Dad had taught him. Do your research, find their weak spots.
Dean sat outside Sam’s apartment. It was time. Failure was not an option.
Tags: drabble, supernatural

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