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Title: Skyrockets in flight
Author: missyjack
Character: Winchester family
Pairing: None
Rating: G
Genre: drabble
Disclaimer: Kripke owns everything
Summary: The Winchesters make their own fireworks
Author’s Note: Written for supernatural100 Challenge #28 “Fireworks”
The Winchester family loved fireworks. But not the Fourth of July, picnic-in-the-park type. The Winchesters made their own fireworks. They were carefully crafted out of harsh words and loud voices, and fuelled by good intentions and misunderstandings and egos and love. There weren’t a once-a-year event. The Winchesters had fireworks several times a week - over breakfast and before bed, in the car and countless motel rooms. Each had been injured at various times although no-one had required hospitalization. However, in the wake of the fireworks marking Sam’s departure for Stanford, all sustained injuries that would take years to heal.
Tags: drabble, supernatural

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