I'm for wine and the embrace of questionable women (missyjack) wrote,
I'm for wine and the embrace of questionable women

Title: Daddy dearest
Author: missyjack
Pairing: John/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Genre: porny drabble
Disclaimer: I bought the Winchesters on eBay – that means they’re mine, right?
Summary: Possible reason #4,372 Sam left for Stanford
Author’s Note: Written for supernatural100 Challenge #30 “Sibling Rivalry”
Sam watched as his father fucked his brother. Sam could see Dean’s ass stretched tight around his father’s cock as it plunged deep inside him, John’s balls slapping into Dean with each thrust.
Sam felt a tightness in his belly and an ache in his chest. He thought that on some level he’d always known. This secret had fueled the tension between Sam and his dad, and between Sam and Dean.
Sam’s hand moved to his hardening cock. He knew now that he must leave. Because how could he stay here when he knew his father loved Dean the best?
Tags: drabble, wincest

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