I'm for wine and the embrace of questionable women (missyjack) wrote,
I'm for wine and the embrace of questionable women

On the fringe

Title: On the fringe
Author: missyjack
Warnings/spoilers: None
Rating: Gen
Genre: drabble
Disclaimer: Kripke owns everything
Author’s Note: Written for supernatural100 Challenge #31 Dialogue Only
“Whatthefuck? Why am I tied to this chair?”
“Exorcizo te, omnis spiritus immunde…”
“What are you babbling about?”
“..in nomine Dei Patris omnipotentis, et in noimine Jesu Christi Filii ejus Domini…”
“Dude, your Latin sucks big time. You sound like a stoned Italian waiter”
“…et Judicis nostri, et in virtute Spiritus Sancti..”
“Wait - you think I’m possessed?”
“…ut descedas ab hoc plasmate Dei Sam Winchester.”
“Look at my eyes! No demons in this body.”
“It’s not your body that I think’s possessed. You know what I’m talking about. ”
“Hey, they look sharp. Be careful….Nooooooo! Please! Not the hair!”
Tags: drabble, gen, supernatural

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