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J-Rod Chicon Q&A

I put out a call on @SuperWiki for reports on Jared’s Q & A and the wonderful @maverick152004 wrote to me with his report, which he said I could share:

* Jared said that he is the one nesting, not Gen, for the baby. He said she frequently has to calm him down when he panics because the laundry isn’t done. He also mentioned that if needs to cry for a scene, he only needs to think about babies. The couple are searching out for the perfect birthing center because Gen wants a natural birth.
* Jared discussed books he recently read. He said he was recently in a sports bar talking with a guy about books when a group of young women asked them to please move because they couldn’t hear the game.
* Someone asked why Jared felt Sam and Dean should die in the final episode. He asked if anyone else felt the way he and Jensen did, to which everyone replied no. He said if fans didn’t want the boys to die, he didn’t see any need for writers to kill them off (but did joke about what it would be like to play hunters when they were old and needed canes)
* He discussed a water park that he, his brother, and his cousin would sneak into as teens. He said he hadn’t had time to see his family much, but was making plans to see them during the holidays.
* Jensen interrupted the panel and told everyone to quiet down because he was working in the next room. Jared said he could hear music and asked if Jensen was having a dance party.

Additionally, @maverick152004 talked to Jared after his panel and asked about the exercise clip from last week’s episode and he said it was much like Jensen’s Eye of the Tiger performance in that it was just a fun moment of him trying to get Jensen to break character. @maverick152004 told him it was hilarious and hoped it made the DVD/Blu ray. Jared said he has hours of footage of stuff like that.

Thanks you, Jared Padalecki, Life Ruiner
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