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a queer and pleasant danger

I'm for wine and the embrace of questionable women
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Hello! I'm missyjack. My journal contains poorly organised meta, crack, fic and a lot of squee, primarily about Supernatural. It may contain traces of drug references, sexual references, nudity, horror, adult themes, medical procedures and stuff no-one should read.

This journal is Spoiler Safe, which means I'll cut-tag all spoilers, and kindly ask that you don't comment with spoilers in non-spoiler related posts.

Please no dissing on the show or the boys, or girls, or the writers or Gamble or Kripke. If you think you can make a better TV show, please, go right ahead.

I am into all genres of fic including Wincest and RPS. (I can take my tinhat off - can you?)

Please feel free to friend me, although I rarely flock anything. If I don't friend you back, it’s probably coz I am struggling to keep up with everything. Or I think you smell. But I still love you really. I don't track defriendings, or use lj toys, so come and go as you please.

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